Definition of Average water consumption or Design flow

Thursday, February 16, 2012 17:50
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  • Average Water consumption or Design flow:

It is the amount of water consumed in a community or city for various purposes. It is generally expressed as the ” Quantity of water per person in one day on the average.”


Average Daily Per Capita Demand
= Quantity Required in 12 Months/ (365 x Population)

Its units are lpcd, gpcd or m3pcd.

  • Maximum daily water consumption :

It is the maximum amount of water used in one day throughout the year.

Maximum daily water consumption or demand is calculated as follows:

Maximum daily water consumption =
1.8 × Average daily demand

  • Peak hourly water consumption :

It is the maximum amount of water consumed in one hour of maximum day during any month of year.

Peak hourly water consumption.
= 1.5 x average hourly demand
= 1.5 x Maximum daily demand/24
= 1.5 x (1.8 x average daily demand)/24
= 2.7 x average daily demand/24
= 2.7 x annual average hourly demand

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