Aquifer properties | Porosity | Specific yield | Specific retention

Sunday, October 7, 2012 21:46
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Aquifer properties

The important properties of an aquifer are:

  • Its capacity to release the water held in its pores.
  • Its ability to transmit the flow easily.

These properties especially depend upon its composition.


The amount of pore space per unit volume of aquifer is known as porosity.

It is expressed as


Where Vv= volume of voids

Vo= volume of porous medium

Specific yield

The actual volume of  water that can be extracted by the force of gravity from a unit volume of aquifer material is known as specific yield, Sy.

Specific retention

The fraction of  water held back in the aquifer is known as specific retention, Sr.

Thus Porosity = specific yield + specific retention

Reference : Engineering hydrology by K. Subramanya

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