Difference between climate and weather

Monday, August 17, 2015 16:26
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Difference between climate and weather

Weather is a description of the physical conditions of the atmosphere ( moisture, temperature, pressure,light, vegetation and wind) all of which play a vital role in shaping an ecosystem.

The state of atmosphere at a particular time and place. For example temperature and other outside conditions such as rain cloudiness etc. at a particular time and place is known as weather.


Climate is a description of the long term pattern of weather in a particular area. It is calculated over a period of time say a month or a year or more.

The usual weather conditions in a particular space or region is known as climate.

We can also say that

Climate is what we expect and weather is what we get.

Three levels of climatic conditions

  1. Global conditions of region created by land, sun and air.
  2. Local conditions dependent on water, topography etc.
  3. The site conditions.
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