Definition of Hydrology | Engineering Hydrology | Scientific Hydrology

Thursday, August 25, 2011 13:40
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Hydrology :

Hydrology is the branch of earth science which means the science of water. It is the science which deals with the occurrence, circulation and distribution of water of the earth and earth’s atmosphere.

Hydrology is a very broad subject. To further emphasize its application, the subject is sometimes classified as

Scientific hydrology :

The study of hydrology which is concerned mainly with academic aspects is known as scientific hydrology.

Academic aspects such as geology, chemistry and physics etc.

Engineering Hydrology :

The study of hydrology concerned mainly with engineering applications is known as engineering or applied hydrology.

Engineering Hydrology deals with

  • Estimation of water resources
  • The study of processes such as runoff, precipitation and their interaction.
  • The study of problems such as floods, droughts and strategies to overcome them.
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