What is construction management ? Resources of Construction

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What is construction management ?

The act, manner or practice in which a construction executive oversees, supervises or controls the organized process.


System execution of a construction project.

The focus of construction management is the planning and control of resources within the framework of project.

Resources of Construction

The construction resources are :

  1. Time.
  2. Money.
  3. Equipment.
  4. Technology.
  5. Materials.
  6. People.

Four M’s of construction

These four M’s of construction are also the resources of construction.

  1. Manpower.
  2. Machines.
  3. Materials.
  4. Money.

Construction management includes:

  1. How these resources are used in the construction project.?
  2. Co-ordination of these resources to perform a system execution of project.
  3. Organize resources into activities.
  4. Perform activities in a logical sequence.
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