Project players of the Construction industry

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Project players of construction industry :

  • Owner or client.
  • Construction manager.
  • General contractor.
  • Sub contractor or specially contractors.
  • Designer or Architect engineer.
  • Insurance companies.
  • Banks.
  • Suppliers.
  • Public.
  • Construction labor force.
  • Owner:

Owner is also called client. Owner is the person who actually arranges money for particular project. Owner is a real instinct who has to launch idea. Owner may be a person or Government. He provides funds. He is a funding agency for the project. Scope definition is also provided by the owner.

  • Construction manager(CM):

Construction manager is the person who actually coordinates the construction process on behalf of the owner. Construction manager is not common in some countries. Usually in other countries, client assigns construction work to a CM who deals and manages all the things related to construction.

  • General contractor (GC):

GC is the person who actually execute the contract. He actually negotiate the contract with client. He is the key person who is responsible to change dream of owner into physical shape. Contractor is assigned the whole job. He needs directions from engineers and clients. This makes a triangle of owner, contractor and engineer. In this triangle, there is a two way traffic. For example owner can question contractor and engineer and so is contractor and engineer. Contractor signs an agreement with the owner and holds his position. Following are some tasks performed by General Contractor.

  • Assure the work to be completed on time he specified.
  • He must use Tool and plant at the site, which he has specified at the time of contract.
  • He must arrange labor force.
  • Sub contractor:

It is also a project player. It is also known as special contractor. They actually provide facilities to the General contractor for the sub projects. There is an agreement between these GC and and subcontractor.

  • Tasks which are performed by Sub contractor are :
    • Electric wiring.
    • Plumbing.
    • Air condition supply.
    • Wood work.
    • Paint.
    • Providing soil for project.
    • Steel fixing.

Architect or Engineer

Architect or engineer is a consultant. On behalf of the owner, engineer will take the responsibilities of the owner to undertake the smooth execution of the project. He also co ordinates with contractor.


Designer may be an Architect or an Engineer. He design the project on the basis of his previous experience. Designer must have prequalification. Owner will select a designer which is expert in his work.

  • Insurance Companies:

These are the companies which provides:

  • Bid bond facility.
  • Performance bond.
  • Payment bond.
  • By the contractor to the owner.
  • Bank:

The bank will allow funding on behalf of client. The client uses his bank account to provide money for the project.

  • Suppliers:

These are actually the people who provide construction material such as bricks, concrete, cement, etc.

  • Public:

Public is also a project player. During making of a project public face difficulty but when it completes, then we enjoy facilities.

  • Construction labor Force:

Following are the labor force:

  • Masons.
  1. Brick Masons
  2. Brick Stone Masons.
  3. Block Masons.
  4. Cement Masons.
  • Carpenters.
  • Construction equipment operator.
  • Electricians.
  • Fixers or Steel fabricator.
  • Glazers.
  • Painters.
  • Plumbers.
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