Why Termite Control is necessary ? | How Termiticide works ?

Sunday, February 19, 2017 22:13
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Why Termite Control is necessary ?

Termites are the most destructive wood pests. They cause damage to wooden structures by feeding on them. They feed on wooden structures like door frames, wooden paneling, floor parquet, cupboards and books.

Termite live in large interdependent colonies, especially in dark, moist conditions such as soil, growing trees or rotting wooden remains in the vicinity of your home. These colonies can vary from 2.5 lac to 6 million termites. At the center of the colony, there is a queen whose main purpose is reproduction. The worker termites have one major role to bring food – cellulose materials, especially wood. Thus it is important to prevent termite to enter your home if you have not done proper anti termite proofing.

How termiticide or anti termite helps in Termite Control ?

When it is applied to the soil, Termiticide provides a complete treated zone around your house against attacking termites through lateral soil movement. Termites cannot detect the treated zone, so they enter it and are immediately affected. Termites stop feeding, grooming and becomes disoriented.

When termiticide is applied to the soil, it disorientate termites and cause them to cease their natural grooming behavior. Grooming is very important for termites. Grooming them against pathogenic soil fungi. When termiticide or anti termite chemical is applied, then naturally occurring fungi in the soil attack and kill the termites. Termiticide makes fungi 10000 times more dangerous to termites.

Termites feed each other by passing food from mouth to mouth. They groom each other. They contact each other as they forage for food. Once a termite has ingested or contacted termiticide, it becomes carrier. Every other termite it contacts will be infected, which in turn infects every other termite it contacts. Termiticide should work slowly letting termites contact many other before dying themselves.

Qualities of a good Termite control chemical

Lateral soil movement is important when you consider how persistent termites can be. When they come to a typical barrier termites may find a small break and forage through. Even the strongest concentration of a traditional termiticide will prove to be ineffective if it does not make a complete barrier in the soil.

With lateral soil movement, effective concentrations of termiticide or anti termite chemical should be distributed throughout the treated zone, even in the areas furthest from the injection points. It should be effective for a wide range of soil conditions. Termiticide should be non repellent. Termites should not see it, feel it. They should not know its there, so that they forage freely in the treated area.

How to use Termiticide for termite control ?

Termite proofing of building should be done by spraying anti termite liquid with water by spraying 1 liter chemical mixed with 40 liter water and spraying this mixture over an area of 175 square foot using anti termite chemical of good quality. This should be applying with pressure pump.  

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