Definition of Shoring | Inclined, Horizontal and Vertical shores

Sunday, November 20, 2016 12:13
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Shoring is the Construction of a temporary structure required to support an unsafe existing structure. Temporary structure is known as shores.

Shores are of following types:

Raking or inclined shores

In this method, inclined members which are called rakers, used to give temporary lateral support to an unsafe wall. That is why it is called inclined shoring as the temporary support is inclined.

Flying or horizontal shores

When horizontal temporary support is provided to two adjacent, parallel walls of the two buildings, Where the intermediate building is to be demolished and then rebuilt. This type of temporary support is flying or horizontal shore.

Dead or vertical shores

When vertical support is provided to roofs and floors etc. then this system is known as dead or vertical shores. These are provided when the lower part of the wall has to be removed for the purpose of providing an opening in the walls. Dead or vertical shores are provided to the roof when there is a purpose of changing the dimensions of the rooms under that roof.

Reference: Civil Engineering (Conventional and objective type) by R.S. Khurmi and J.K Gupta
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