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Wednesday, November 23, 2016 17:12
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Definition of Lean Concrete

Lean concrete is called if the cement content used in concrete is less than about 10% of the total contents.

  • It is widely used in floors and foundations.
  • P.C.C.(1:4:8) and P.C.C.(1:6:12) are the examples of lean concrete.
  • In PCC (1:4:8) cement content is almost 7% while it is 5% in P.C.C.(1:6:12)

Normal concrete

If the cement content is more than 10 and less than 15%, the concrete is called normal concrete.

  • For example P.C.C.(1:2:4)  is normal concrete.
  • Cement content in this concrete P.C.C.(1:2:4) is almost 14%.
  • Normal concrete is used in D.P.C. , R.C.C. and floor finishes.

Rich concrete

If the cement content in concrete is more than about 15%, then it is known as rich concrete.

  • For example P.C.C.(1:1.5:3) is rich concrete.
  • Cement content in P.C.C.(1:1.5:3) is almost 18%.
  • It is used for R.C.C. when smaller structural members are used to support heavier loads for architectural reasons.


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