Vehicle Elevators | Belt Elevators | Hydraulic Elevators

Monday, November 15, 2010 7:44
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Vehicular elevators are used within buildings with limited space to move cars into the parking garage. Geared hydraulic chain generate lift for the platform and there are no counterweights.

To accommodate building designs and improve accessibility, the platform may rotate so that the driver always drives forward instead of in reverse.

Belt Elevators:

A different kind of elevator is used to transport material. It generally consists of an inclined plane on which a conveyor belt runs. These elevators are often used in industrial and agricultural applications.

Below are different kinds of belt elevators.

Stainless steel modular type Hydraulic Elevators:

They are quite common for low and medium rise buildings (2-8 floors), and use a hydraulically powered plunger to push the elevator upwards.

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