Definition of Coffer Dam | Types of Coffer Dam

Friday, August 7, 2015 18:50
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Definition of Coffer Dam

Coffer Dam is a temporary structure constructed in a river, lake etc for excluding water from a given site (where the construction is to be start) to enable the building operation to be performed on dry surface.

It may be made of earth materials, timber or steel sheet piling or a combination of these. Some of the common types of coffer dams are as follow:

  1. Cantilever sheet pile coffer dam: This dam is suitable for small heights.
  2. Braced dam: These are economical for small to moderate heights.
  3. Embankment protected dam: There is no height limit for embankment type coffer dam.
  4. Double wall dam: These are suitable for moderate heights.
  5. Cellular dam: These are suitable for moderate and large heights.

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