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Sunday, April 3, 2011 8:47
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Bonds In Bricks:

The arrangement of bricks in brick work so that the vertical joints do not come over each other is known as brick Bond.


Why Brick Bonds are Provided ?


  • Bonds in brick work is provided to achieve a united mass as soon as practicable* to suit the length, height and thickness of brick work and stresses to which it is subjected.
  • To break the continuity of vertical joints and to provide proper bond in brick masonry portion of brick ( closers or bats) are provided in alternative courses.




The portions made by cutting Brick across its length in such a manner that its one stretcher face remains uncut or half cut.

Below is the Diagram of king closer.

The above diagram is showing the Quoin** Closer.


The portions mad by cutting standard bricks across their width are known as brick bats.

These are named according their fraction of full length of a standard brick.

Practicable*Able to be done Success fully.


  1. An external angle of a wall or building.
  2. a corner stone.


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