Constituents of Concrete | Importance of Cement paste in Concrete

Saturday, November 27, 2010 21:31
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Constituents of Concrete:

•Cement + water  =  cement paste

•Cement +  water  + sand cement = mortar

•Cement  + water  + sand  + lime =  masonry mortar

•Cement  + water +  sand +  coarse aggregate = concrete

Importance of Cement in Concrete:

A hydraulic cement capable of setting, hardening and remaining stable under water.The cement (dry powder of very fine particles) powder, when mixed with water, forms a paste.This paste acts like glue and holds or bonds the aggregates together.

The cement has as many as 1.1 x 10 12 particles per kilogram.

The amount of coal required to manufacture one tonne (2200lb) of cement is between 100 kg and 350 kg depending upon the process used.

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